Confidently Beautiful With A Crown in Pearland, TX

“The smile is a curve that makes everything straight” indeed. Yet, it is the straight teeth that make the most beautiful curve, the smile. It is true that our teeth impact a lot on our physical appearance. If we noticed, in every beauty pageant, it is always the candidate that has the perfect teeth and smile won. But what about those who haven’t bestowed with a “crown-worthy” teeth? Don’t worry; dentistry has it all for you.

Kirby Smiles provides patients with strong and natural-looking Crowns and Bridges Treatment to restore and enhance their teeth to improve their smiles.

Dental Crowns are tooth-colored caps use to cover the teeth that had been damaged. It changes the appearance of the teeth including its shape and size. Crowns could be made from porcelain, gold, metal alloys or acrylic. The best type of crown, if cosmetic appearance is not a factor, of course, is gold. Gold crowns are excellently durable among the other kinds of the crown. Some people opted for dental crowns to treat their oddly shaped teeth without spending so much. While dental veneer may also be an excellent option to reshape the teeth, it is more expensive than dental crowns. To those who want to beautify their teeth in a budget, dental crowns are ideal for them. Teeth discoloration is another factor that makes the appearance of the teeth unattractive. To combat discolored teeth, a dental crown must be cemented to the patient’s stained teeth. However, dental crowns are not just for aesthetic purposes, but also it is designed for the overall protection of the teeth. For some who have severely decayed teeth, weakening walls of the teeth and someone who had a root canal that needs tooth protection, dental crowns is a good treatment to invest in.

With Dental Crowns, you can always have the best of both worlds. Why? Because it does not only focus on improving the appearance of the teeth, but it also works as a protection for the teeth too. After all, a “crown-worthy” teeth is always a healthy tooth inside out.

Wear your dental crown and flaunt your “crown-worthy” teeth and smile to everyone! Book your Crowns and Bridges Services in Pearland with Kirby Smiles. We are located at 3695 Kirby Dr., #129, Pearland, TX 77584.