Dental Veneers in Pearland, TX: How to Keep Them Clean Always

Dental veneers, whether the traditional type or the modern ones, should not be taken for granted! The prostheses may be artificial, but they too deserve the best care like real teeth. Here are simple ways to keep veneers clean and pleasant-looking:

Eat the right foods, drink the right drinks

Let’s talk about the foods and beverages that are not so friendly with the smiles and veneers. Cherries, red wine, olives, soda, tea—what else? Alcohol. These teeth-staining substances can dull the bright appearance of the prostheses, especially if they are not made from stain-resistant materials like porcelain. Another reason why people who have veneers in their mouths should steer clear from alcoholic beverages is that this kind of drink can loosen the bond of the veneers and the teeth where they are placed.

Practice proper oral hygiene every day

There’s no way for veneers to become decayed. But the teeth where they are bonded can still get cavities, and the gums can still be affected with gum disease. Both of these oral structures are essential in maintaining the excellent condition of the prostheses. That said, performing good oral hygiene regularly is a must. Brushing, flossing, mouth rinsing, and routine dental visits are all useful for the veneers and overall oral health.

Be careful when picking a toothpaste

Forget about teeth whitening toothpaste—it will not work on the veneers. Artificial teeth like crowns, dentures, and veneers cannot absorb bleaching agents. In fact, the abrasive content of oral care products is considered harmful for the prostheses. Those tiny beads and rough properties can compromise the texture of the veneers. Use a mild toothpaste instead for it can clean the smile enhancers thoroughly without harming their glow.

Beautify Your Smile With Veneers!

The smile is one of the essential accessories that one should wear every day. But how can you confidently show off your pearly whites if they are not that good-looking enough? We at Kirby Smiles will help you. Our practice provides various types of veneers for people who wish to mend their teeth imperfections. They can choose from traditional veneers, EMAX, composite veneers, and Empress.

For everyone to know what kind of veneers suits them well, they are free to talk to us at Kirby Smiles. Our team is always willing to answer any of our patients’ queries concerning our Veneers Services in Pearland, TX.