Sedation Dentistry at Kirby Smiles

Here at Kirby Smiles in Pearland, our dentists are extremely passionate about offering safe and effective dental care for the whole family.  We strive to create a comfortable and compassionate environment, especially for our patients who experience intense fear and/or anxiety about their dental health and treatments.  Our extensive past experience with young children and special needs patients have given us a very unique expertise, and we understand that fear of the dentist can develop in many different ways, whether it stems from a traumatic past experience, an anxiety disorder, or any number of possible causes.  Depending on the extent of treatment required and the history and disposition of our patients, we may decide to recommend some form of sedation as part of your treatment plan.


Kirby Smiles dentists are highly trained and specially credentialed in all types of dental sedation and anesthesia administration.  There are several sedation “levels” or options that we can provide, depending on the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Through honest discussion with every individual regarding his/her treatment plan and comfort level, we can confidently recommend the safest and most optimal sedation level for each patient.  At times, we may determine that a simple local injection or a mild oral sedative will suffice; other circumstances may require general anesthesia, such as oral surgery. Our website features additional information about each sedation option - we find it essential that our patients feel more in control of the treatment process when they have great knowledge and understanding of the procedures.  In all cases, our goal is always to safely provide even our most anxious and phobic patients' peace of mind and freedom from their fear while effectively caring for their dental health.


Safety and comfort are always top priorities as we work with each of our patients.  If the thought of sitting in a dental chair incites anxiety or panic, we invite you to give us a call at our Pearland office to discuss how we can help put your fears to rest during your next dental visit.