Stop Bone Loss, Save your Smiles with Dental Implants! – Pearland, TX

Anyone with missing teeth wishes to receive a treatment that would enable them to enjoy smiling, eating, and talking as normal as before. Dentistry may have come up with multiple procedures for replacing missing teeth, but there is one solution that stands out, Dental Implants!

Dental Implants are surgically placed on the patient’s mouth to serve the replacement for missing roots that can hold dental prostheses in place. Depending on the number of missing teeth it can either hold a dental crown, bridge, and even a complete row of dentures. The procedure stands out compared to other dental restoration being offered due to its advantages that helps in the maintenance of the overall dental health and appearance of patients.

Despite the improvement of dental care services, we at Kirby Smiles understand the needs of people suffering from tooth loss due to several factors. It may be because of accidents, injuries, gum disease, or decay we offer a solution in restoring missing teeth for better overall dental health. We offer Subperiosteal, Endosteal, and All-on-4 Implants to cater to each of our patient’s needs for better treatment and results.

How do Dental Implants work?

Dental Implants usually requires a healthy jawbone to support the posts to be placed. However, thanks to the continuous advances in dentistry it is now even possible for people with weak jaw support to avail of the treatment. While the usual implants used are shaped like a screw (Endosteal), there are now implants that are made out of metal framework (Subperiosteal) for better support.

Endosteal are surgically placed on the jawbone, and Subperiosteal are inserted on the gum line but placed above the jawbone. These implants are made of titanium that is known to promote Osseointegration which further secures the stability and durability of the Implant placed. Osseointegration is the process where the bone forms a natural bond to the implant making it a natural part of the mouth to hold artificial teeth in place.

All-on-4 implants as its name suggest uses four implants at either top or bottom part of the jaw to support an entire row of teeth (Dentures). It uses an endosteal type of implants that are strategically placed on the jawbone to support the Dentures in place properly.

Why are Dental Implants Necessary?

Dental implants are more advantageous compared to other treatments; it helps preserve more of the teeth since it does not require the removal of any surface for its placement. It also preserves the bone and facial structure by making sure that the healthy teeth will not shift or move from its proper position. Compared to other restoration procedures, dental implants are more secure, stable, durable, and comfortable since it looks and feels like natural teeth. Bone loss and gum recession can be prevented for better overall health and wellness.

Get a better teeth restoration service with Dental Implants and enjoy smiling, talking, eating without any worries for better overall health and wellness!

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