Understand the Difference between OTC and Professional Whitening – Pearland, TX

Did you notice that your teeth seem to appear dull? Does it make you feel more conscious about how others see your smile? Curious how did this happen? Well, do you love coffee, wine, soda, berries, or pasta? These substances are the culprits on how your teeth lost their luster!

Mindlessly indulging yourself in foods and beverages with strong colors will cause the teeth to stain or discolor over time. The good news is, there is an effective way to get back the bright smile you lost. No, not store-bought products that are popular nowadays but a more effective and safe approach – a professional teeth whitening treatment. With the availability of various teeth whitening products that can be purchased over the counter (OTC), it is essential for patients to know why choosing professional treatments is best.

OTC vs. Professional Whitening

Store-bought Whitening

Scanning through online or physical stores will make people realize the wide selection of whitening products available. They may even become enticed in the idea of buying a particular whitening solution. The usual reason is the claims of these alternatives to provide the level of whiteness that the person is aiming for. However, those who use OTC products are in for a surprise—not because of the whiteness they achieved but the ineffectiveness of the product!

Although there are a few exceptions that can actually whiten the teeth, patients would need to use these products multiple times to get to the level that they desire. Due to this, the convenience and affordability that these products claim are false.

Professional Whitening

At Kirby Smiles, we offer our patients a whitening treatment that has already been enjoyed by millions of people – Opalescence Teeth Whitening Brand. Compared to the OTC options, this product is administered with the expertise of a dental professional. With that said, patients are assured that any forms of discomfort are lesser or eliminated. They can also expect to get results in under an hour with their teeth brightened up to eight shades whiter!

Instead of using OTC products that can potentially cause irritations and provide uneven results, consider investing in a more effective, safe, and comfortable approach to teeth whitening!

Do not settle for less! Give your smile a boost with Teeth Whitening Treatment in Pearland, TX! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact or visit us at Kirby Smiles.