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Kirby Smiles

We are a modern, high-tech dental practice for the whole family. Whether it’s time for your regular dental checkup, or you are looking for expert cosmetic treatments, restorations or periodontic treatments, we are here to care for you.

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Alyson Hemann

Dentist at Kirby Smiles

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"Was referred by a good friend. Was in need of cleaning, extract etc. Made appt. at end of calendar year. My visit was awesome. Friendly, listen, professional from Allison (and team) by the end of February I had extract, partial work done. Thanks Kirby Smile for a good job and service."

"Kirby Smiles is the best dentist ever! They're friendly, kind, and considerate, which is a rarity these days. They're also fairly priced. They make you feel like family. Truly they are perfectly named because you'll always leave with a smile."


"Kirby’s employees are so kind & welcoming! The one who stood out the most was Stacy. She’s very helpful, knowledgeable & personable. I think I’ve found my lifelong dentist home. Thank you guys so much for making my visit so easygoing & comfortable."

"Dr. Hemann’s office is extremely clean & aesthetically pleasing… you forget you’re in a dental office when you’re in the beautiful lobby (and the rest of the office does not disappoint!). All of the staff are friendly and warm; they make you feel so welcome and comfortable. And Dr. Hemann is the icing on the cake! I’ve never felt so cared for and heard before. I’ve seen more dentists in the past 2 decades than I can count on both hands, as a result of mouth trauma from college sports. Dr. Hemann explains everything before she proceeds & checks to be sure I’m not in any pain. I’ve never had a dentist be so attentive to my needs. She also did so well with my 2 year old when we took her in for a cleaning recently. Pretty soon, she’ll be seeing our whole family!"


3695 Kirby Dr. Suite 129,
Pearland, TX 77584

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