How Our Pearland Cosmetic Dentists Recommend You Take Care Of Your Dental Veneers

How Our Pearland Cosmetic Dentists Recommend You Take Care Of Your Dental Veneers

You’ve just received a perfect set of dental veneers and now you’ve got the smile of your dreams. We understand the excitement, and we’re excited for you! But, to maintain your new, beautiful smile, you must take very good care of your veneers.

What’s The Best Way to Keep Your Dental Veneers in Tip-Top Shape?

Here are just some of the ways our Pearland dentists recommend that you care for your veneers so that they look their best for years to come.

Clean Your Dental Veneers Like You Would Your Natural Teeth

It’s a common misconception that once you get veneers, you don’t have to floss or brush as often because they aren’t your natural tooth anymore. The truth is that you must continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss every night. After all, you still have your natural tooth behind the veneers. If you don’t maintain proper hygiene, you can easily put yourself at risk of gum disease and recession, which may cause your veneers to chip or detach themselves from your teeth.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol

If you frequently consume alcohol, you risk softening the dental cement that keeps your veneers in place. This can make your veneers and your teeth prone to damage and stains, which would defeat the purpose of investing in veneers in the first place.

Use The Right Toothpaste When Brushing Your Dental Veneers

Many toothpaste brands utilize ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, and while these ingredients can work on your natural teeth, they are far too abrasive for your veneers. They can easily scratch and scrub away the surface of your dental veneers, which will cause them to lose their color. For the most part, gel toothpastes will not include these ingredients.

Don’t Skip Out On Your Dental Checkups

Most importantly, you must continue to book and attend your dental cleanings every six months. This helps us regularly ensure you take good care of your veneers, your overall health is good, and allows us to complete a deep cleaning of your teeth.

Contact Our Pearland Cosmetic Dentists Today

If you would like us to check in on your veneers, or you’re in need of a dental cleaning, please book an appointment with us today so that we can help you take good care of your smile.

Different Types of Cosmetic Veneers at Kirby Smiles

Different Types of Cosmetic Veneers at Kirby Smiles

Veneers are one of our more popular cosmetic dentistry treatments here at Kirby Smiles in Houston. In our last blog we explained what veneers are, why people get them, and the process our patients go through when getting their own set of veneers. Did you know that we offer multiple types of veneers at our office?

Traditional Veneers

Traditional veneers are the porcelain veneers you typically think of when someone mentions veneers. They are thin sheets of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the front face of your teeth with a dental cement. Porcelain veneers are favored because of their remarkable brightness, but also because they are compatible with the mouth tissues, resist staining, and last a very long time. 

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are made up of composite resin, which is the same material we use in our tooth-colored fillings. The composite naturally produces a tooth-like color, which takes out the guesswork of trying to match other veneers to your teeth. As veneers, they are often formed directly on the teeth, so matching the natural thickness and contour of the teeth may be a bit challenging, but our cosmetic dentists make sure it's a smooth procedure. Keep in mind, though, that because they match the more common tooth shade, a bright white look may not be achieved. If you are hoping for a bright white smile, then porcelain veneers might be your best option. 

EMAX Veneers

EMAX veneers are also referred to as Lithium Silicate veneers. They are often used when restoring broken, chipped, or damaged teeth. This type of veneer is very translucent, which gives it a very natural look as it sits on the teeth. They are very strong and long-lasting, bio-compatible, and easy to apply, polish, and clean. Overall they provide a very low-maintenance solution for better-looking teeth.

Empress Veneers

Empress veneers are a very high-end option. They are made of leucite glass-ceramic and are used in crowns, as well. Patients favor these veneers because of the way in which they scatter light. These offer the most natural, lifelike appearance for many years to come out of any of the other options we offer for veneers.

Cosmetic Veneers at Kirby Smiles

If you would like a brighter, more confident smile and think veneers are a good option for you, please book an appointment with us so we can complete an evaluation and determine which type of veneers will work best for your needs.


Teeth Whitening at Kirby Smiles Pearland Dentist

Teeth Whitening at Kirby Smiles Pearland Dentist

Just about everyone dreams of having a pearly white smile for many reasons. Whiter teeth can make you look younger and healthier and can certainly boost your confidence. Here at Kirby Smiles, we offer professional teeth whitening services so you can enjoy those benefits. We will even allow you to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Why Our Pearland Dentist Recommends Professional Teeth Whitening

Many affordable over-the-counter products exist, especially now that there are quite a lot of companies on the rise out there that sell at-home whitening products. Part of what makes them so appealing is that they use celebrities and influencers to help sell their product. However, as accessible and user-friendly as these products seem, the opposite is often the case. These kinds of products make it easy for users to accidentally over-bleach their teeth, which causes sensitivity that can grow worse over time. 

Additionally, the results for most of these products only last a few weeks, so they will need to be purchased and used very often, costing more in the long run. Excessive use of these teeth whitening products will inevitably cause excessive sensitivity and regular discomfort when eating or drinking anything. For some, this can interfere with their day-to-day life. Unlike those companies, we offer safer and far superior professional whitening trays. Using our whitening trays allows our cosmetic dentists to offer guidance and advice so that you can achieve the results you want without going overboard.

How Our Pearland Dentist Completes Whitening

We customize whitening treatments to each individual patient by creating their custom clear whitening trays in office. Along with the trays, we give each patient a professional-strength whitening gel. We offer this method because it's safe and gradual and allows for the patient to have greater control over how much whiter their teeth become.

Our professional-grade gel is made of specialized hydrogen peroxide and is applied directly to the teeth, releasing oxygen ions upon contact. These ions will go inside the teeth and remove any stains and discoloration, as opposed to simply polishing the surface like most over-the-counter products do. This allows for true treatment of the root cause, which allows the results to last much longer. One use of our customized whitening trays can leave the patient's teeth up to eight shades whiter. 

If you would like to have whiter, brighter teeth, please book an appointment today so that we can help you safely achieve the smile of your dreams.

Veneers at Kirby Smiles Pearland Dentist

Veneers at Kirby Smiles Pearland Dentist

Veneers are a really popular procedure performed by our Pearland cosmetic dentists. Applying veneers is a very quick and easy process, but that doesn’t mean the resulting effects are subtle. In fact, getting veneers creates a dramatically positive change in the patient’s overall appearance.

What Are Veneers and Why Should You Consider Them?

Veneers are a thin, lightweight shell that is placed over the surface of your tooth. They are meant to hide any dental flaws you may not feel comfortable with, such as the shape or color of your teeth.

Veneers have been proven to effectively improve the appearance of teeth by hiding any chipped spots, cracks, alignment, spacing, and even color of the teeth while also making them appear whiter, which suggests stronger and healthier enamel. In general, our patients who have undergone the procedure and received veneers are much happier. They smile more and look brighter, which makes them feel more confident than ever.

The Procedure For Getting Veneers

Getting veneers will typically take two visits with our Pearland cosmetic dentist. At the first appointment, your teeth will be shaped and then an impression will be taken and sent to the dental lab, where they will custom-make your veneers.

At the second appointment, the veneers will be placed over the teeth and thoroughly examined. Our cosmetic dentist will ensure a proper, comfortable fit before permanently cementing the veneers to your teeth with a special dental cement. Once cemented, we will remove any excess cement and evaluate your bite. It is crucial that you give your honest opinion about how you feel with the veneers, as applying the dental cement will make them last for several years to come, so you will want to be confident and comfortable the entire time.

Get Veneers at Kirby Smiles in Pearland

If you would like a brighter, more youthful smile and are interested in getting your own set of veneers, please contact us so we can schedule your first appointment. We offer traditional veneers, composite veneers, EMAX Veneers, and even Empress Veneers. We will make sure to fully understand your needs so that we can provide you with veneers you are truly happy with.

woman receiving dental crowns as a restorative dentistry service

Dental Crowns in Pearland and Why Some Patients Need Them

A dental crown, which is also called a dental cap, is one of the many types of restorative dental services we offer at our Pearland dentist office. Made in a dental lab, a crown is fully customized to the tooth it will restore in order to save it and protect it. 

Why Do People Get Dental Crowns?

People get crowns for many reasons, both restorative and cosmetic. A crown may be needed in order to hold a cracked tooth together so that it doesn't crack even more. It can also be used to protect a tooth that has been weakened and damaged by excessive tooth decay, and to offer support and protection for an already broken tooth. For a more cosmetic procedure, crowns can be used to cover misshapen or discolored teeth.

Children Can Also Get Crowns

Children may get crowns fitted over their baby teeth for a number of reasons. A major reason that pediatric dentists recommend crowns to children is so that they can protect their teeth if they happen to be at risk of decay. This is usually attributed to children who may struggle with keeping up with their daily oral hygiene routine. It is also not rare for children who have a hard time with daily dental care to experience tooth decay that causes their now-damaged tooth to no longer support a filling.

The Steps for Getting a Dental Crown

Getting a crown will typically require two visits to our Pearland dentist office. First off, the tooth that needs a crown will be numbed. Depending on the type of crown, the dentist may need to find the exact shade of the tooth that requires restorative dentistry. Next, because the crown has to be the most perfect fit to fully encapsulate the tooth, the dentist will need to shave down precise bits of it in order to allow for the hollow dental cap to fit snugly.

After the tooth is shaped, we take an impression and send it to the dental lab. This helps ensure a proper fit. Later on, a temporary crown will be custom fitted over the re-shaped tooth in order to protect it and keep the patient comfortable while the new, permanent crown is being prepared. 2-3 weeks later it will be permanently fused to the tooth with a dental cement.

If you are in need of a safe and comfortable dental restoration, please schedule an appoint with our dentists. We will ensure you are properly fitted for a crown so that you can have a healthier and more confident smile.