Relieve Pain After a Tooth Extraction Procedure in Pearland, TX

After undergoing a wisdom tooth removal at the dentist, you need to secure an excellent recovery period. Keep in mind to let blood clot form in the extracted site as it plays a significant role in the recovery process. So primarily, you have a great responsibility to practice the right post-treatment care once the procedure is done. If you fail to do so, a dry socket is more likely to be experienced which brings a lot of pain. You surely don’t want to feel more uncomfortable after tooth extraction. Well, that would not be a problem as long as you will follow these instructions that we at Kirby Smiles prepared for you.

Combat Pain With These Tips!

Alleviate pain by taking the prescribed medications

Talk to your dentist about some pain relievers before leaving the dental clinic. Trust us—it will be worth it. You don’t know when you will feel that unpleasant sensation from the extraction site inside your mouth, so it is always better if you have pain medicines on hand.

The application of an ice pack to the swollen area

Don’t panic if you experience swelling following the tooth extraction procedure. It’s normal and is completely curable; a simple cold compress can do the trick. But of course, you should follow the right technique to make it as pleasant as possible. The method is simple: apply the ice pack in 15-minute intervals. Repeat until swelling subsides.

Be very careful when observing the “Don’ts” of teeth extractions

Certain activities may slow down your healing process, and may even increase the chance of dry socket. The best thing to do is to get away from these undesirable factors. First, you are not allowed to rinse your mouth within 24 hours after the procedure. Second, do not drink using straws. Third, it is a no-no to smoke. And finally, do not disturb the extraction area.

Pay attention to your gauze pad

The dentist finishes up the tooth extraction procedure by placing a dressing to the site as a covering. Make sure that you keep them in place and do not be surprised if you will see the gauze pad soaking with blood. Bleeding is normal, just like swelling. Dental professionals always teach patients how to change their dressings appropriately. Pay attention to the given instructions well.

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