What Issues Can Dental Veneers Correct For Our Pearland Patients

What Issues Can Dental Veneers Correct For Our Pearland Patients

Dental veneers are a common cosmetic procedure we offer here at Kirby Smiles in Pearland, Texas. We offer many different kinds of veneers: traditional veneers, composite veneers, EMAX veneers, and Empress veneers. Each type is made with different materials, along with their own pros and cons, but many of our Pearland dental patients are not fully aware of what veneers are used for. The truth is, our wide selection of cosmetic dental veneers can correct a number of things our patients may not be happy about when it comes to their teeth.

Dental Problems That Can Be Solved With Veneers

As a cosmetic procedure, veneers are meant to correct any flaws that our patients may feel the desire the correct so that they can smile proudly and confidently.

Teeth Discoloration

Dental veneers can correct any unsightly discoloration. Although teeth whitening is another cosmetic dental service we offer, some of our patients have extensive discoloration and prefer porcelain veneers due to their bright whiteness that makes them look younger and feel the same confidence they felt when they were younger.

Gaps in the Front Teeth

Many patients have gaps in their teeth–most commonly in between the two front teeth. Our dental veneers can be placed over the affected teeth in a way that covers the gap so our patients can have a full smile. This also helps them get a better clean when they brush and floss.

Misshapen Teeth

Dental veneers can also correct teeth that are off in shape. Awkward shape can result from natural unevenness, or even from chipping or breaking. Because dental veneers are applied rather quickly, our patients with misshapen teeth can have their smile back in little time.

Think Veneers Might Be Right For You? Contact Our Pearland Cosmetic Dentist

If you have some flaws in your teeth that you wish to be corrected, please book an appointment with us for your initial consultation. At this appointment, we will discuss what you would like to correct and if veneers are right for you. We will also thoroughly discuss the different veneers we offer and help you pick which type best meets your needs.