Dental Crowns & Bridges

It can be extremely troubling when a tooth becomes lost or severely damaged. This can ruin the look of a person’s smile, and it can make every day tasks like chewing and speaking very difficult. Fortunately, dental crowns and bridges are great for restoring and replacing these teeth. We take great pride in providing strong, natural-looking crowns and bridges that leave patients pleased with their overall look and function.

Since crowns and bridges are custom restorations, a patient will need to make two visits to Kirby Smiles. Each restoration is built from impressions that are taken of the patient’s teeth. During the first visit, we will take digital 3D impressions of the teeth. The impressions will then be sent to a dental laboratory, allowing the restoration to be built. Once the restoration is ready, the patient will return for their second visit, and the crown or bridge will be applied.

Because they are custom-made, crowns and bridges fit very well. Their custom design also helps the new teeth look natural and blend in with the other teeth. All of the crowns and bridges offered from Kirby Smiles are built from porcelain. This material is known for its natural look and strong performance.


When a large amount of tooth structure is lost due to damage or decay, a dental crown may be placed to ensure that the tooth stays protected. Crowns cover or “cap” the existing tooth structure to protect and strengthen it. A crown is custom-made by a dental lab to look and feel just like your natural tooth. When used with a dental implant, a crown can be used to fill a space where a tooth is missing.

Crowns typically take two visits to complete. Before the crown is placed, the tooth will have to be prepared and shaped to ensure a proper fit. After the tooth is shaped at the first visit, we take an impression of the tooth and send it to a dental lab. The lab uses the impression to custom-make the crown, which should be ready to be permanently cemented at the second visit in 2-3 weeks. 


When a patient is missing one or more teeth in a row, a dental bridge can be used to replace them. A bridge is anchored by two crowns (called abutments) at both ends of the bridge, with replacement teeth in between them. Like with any other crown, the abutment teeth must be shaped to ensure a proper fit. Bridges may take two to three visits to complete, depending on the healing of any bone or gum tissue in areas where teeth may have been removed.

If you are suffering from lost or damaged teeth, crowns or bridges may be the solution. Call Kirby Smiles to schedule an appointment today at (281) 941-5488!